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The Story of RV Parts Giant--XD

1978 was destined to be an extraordinary year. The leaders of China implemented a policy of reform and opening up, and China's appearance began to change. At the same time, many successful people were born this year. One of them is the founder of XD RV Parts.

Diligent and studious since childhood, coupled with a hard-working life, let the founder develop good habits. These habits laid a solid foundation for later entrepreneurship.

Diligent and eager to learn, he finally played well in an important examination in his life and was admitted to his favorite university and major. In the millennium, after graduating, he normally entered his work unit. Compared with other
colleagues who entered the unit in the same period, he can quickly acquire and master business knowledge, and his achievements were far ahead, so he also owned the opportunity of the unit to invest and study abroad.

Extraordinary journey

Abroad, continuous observation, continuous learning, and therefore also found a phenomenon that has never been seen in the country: some people were in a car with food, clothing, and transportation, and the car contains the necessities for life. He learned later that this kind of car was called a motorhome and it is like a mobile house. This house can appear outdoors, mountains, forests, and other places, very convenient and convenient.

However, problems have been found in succession, because it is a motorhome, often outside, the air conditioner in the car did not work normally, there were leaks in the pipes, the lighting was unstable, the gas suddenly stopped, and even the items inside were stolen ... He was also very confused, why was there such a situation?

Explore more, pursue unremittingly

Because I am very interested in this kind of car rushing to novelty. Therefore, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to consult with others to understand the reasons: mainly because there are relatively large problems in product quality,
which undoubtedly increases the inconvenience of outdoor travel. His idea is: these accessories must be superb and excellent craftsmanship, a high degree of attention to detail, in order to ensure safety.

Keep trying and push the limits

He began to understand the structure of the RV, and more importantly, the perfect match between the various accessories, which can allow the accessories to exert their best performance and allow people to really enjoy such a journey during the

Never compromise, never give up, keep improving

Owners are not only willing to accept the challenges brought about their life, but also continue to sharpen their growth through challenges. Take pleasure in the challenge and live for a challenge. In order to concentrate on the RV, he finally quit his hard work for many years and started several years of research and experiments. The accessories involved include RV air conditioning, pipes, gas supply equipment, water systems, remote control systems, Heaters, etc., almost reach the exact location of each accessory when you see the RV.

Endless exploration: a journey that never stops

As the Chinese proverb says: "Xiwenlejian, Dajitianxia", he hoped to apply his research on this part of the product to all RV enthusiasts so that they can have high-quality products and truly enjoy the fun brought by RVs. To this end, he set up a company specializing in the supply of RV parts --- Xida. Adhering to the spirit of continuous exploration, they have always been committed to the research and development of innovative materials and the innovation of engineering concepts. They are determined to explore more new possibilities, insist on challenging themselves and promote progress. Look for the driving force from brand heritage, actively embrace modern technology, and strive to lead the future development.

Up to now, XD RVparts have been going on for several years, and have accumulated thousands of loyal customers, which have won unanimous praise from customers. Now XD has unanimously been steadily rising, and hope to continue to be brilliant!

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