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  • How do I figure out which RV parts I need?
This can be a difficult process. When you need a certain part for your car, you can call the parts person at the dealership, you can give them the year
and model of your vehicle and they can access a directory of compatible parts.
With RV’s on the other hand, this is not always the case. Sometimes it’s
simply not possible to know what parts an RV came with during a specific model
year. In cases like this, we need the customer to get all of the info about
their RV that they can. Take awnings for example, we need the manufacturer,
model/product number, and sometimes even the serial number. If you can take a
picture of the part you need or the appliance that is always a huge help too!

  • Are most RV parts standard across the industry?
A lot of people think that most parts are common and will fit any kind of RV.
The truth is, there are very few things in the world of RV parts that have a
“standard” fit. For example, a lot of people come in needing vent lids as
theirs have been damaged by wind or hail. Vent lids do not have a standard fit
or style. Many people are surprised to learn that there are many different
styles of hinges that are used. Just as we explained in the last question,
there is no way for us to check a database and determine which vent lid your
RV has. We are going to need the broken piece or a photo of the vent lid to

  • Should I have spare parts for my RV? If so, what spare parts should I have?
Being able to complete basic repairs while on the road is always a good idea.
Having a few key things can make sure your RV trip doesn’t come to a
screeching halt or at least help you get your RV back to us to be repaired.

Some of the basic include:
* A spare tire (Make sure it’s inflated and in good condition!)
* Spare light bulbs
* Spare Fuses
* Roof repair tape (Eternabond)
* Self-leveling roof sealant (Dicor)

If you ensure you have these before you set off on your next adventure,
you’ll be able to rest assured that the adventure will go on without any

  • What are some of the common things that need to be replaced on RV’s?
Vent lids are a common replacement part that we order for customers. Customers often forget to close their vent lids before they drive down the road or they suffer from hail damage.

We also get a lot of requests for awnings and awning parts. As we all know,
the weather can change quickly. If the wind picks up and your awning is open,
your awning is basically a sail in the wind. In cases like this, it’s easy
for your awning fabric to tear or the arms to be damaged. If you feel the wind
picking up, make sure to lower your awning!

  • What other parts do people commonly request?
Some of the most common (not in need of replacement) parts we are asked for
would have to be hitches and solar power parts.

A lot of people ask for hitches and tow bars. Towbars are great for pulling a
smaller vehicle behind your RV. They make it so you can set up camp and still
be mobile with a secondary vehicle! Hitches come in all different shapes and
sizes. Whether it’s a standard trailer hitch or a fifth wheel hitch, we are
able to get the style of hitch our customers need to pull their RV.

Solar parts are also gaining a lot of popularity among RV users. Solar power
enables you to charge your trailer’s battery without using a vehicle,
generator or relying on full-service campsites. It’s getting to the point
where we will be seeing more RV’s with a solar equipment than without it.

  • What should an RV’er have on their shopping list for camping trips?

All the essentials! We would suggest toilet paper, toilet chemicals for your
waste tank, the food for the meals you have planned, and don’t forget the
marshmallows. Make a list, check it twice and shop accordingly.


  • How to change the password?

1. Connect the power source

2. Press "8", lock button at the same time until hearing "beep"

3. Press "1,2,3,4", Lock button

4. New code, Lock button

5. Password changed successfully

Note 1:

After changed the password, you need to sync up the remote again, or
the remote can not be used.

How to sync up the remote:

1. Turn on the black button on the back

2. Use a tool to press the FOB Button until hear "beep"

3. Sync up successfully